About BonMarie

Did you know that chocolate from Madagascar tastes different from the one from Venezuela? How does chocolate taste without the added flavors and fragrances?


Hey, nice you’re visiting my website! My name is Anne-Marie van Rijn, I'm the proud owner of Chocolate Shop BonMarie. During my study as a chocolatier, I found out surprising answers to those and to similar questions. Every cocoa plantation delivers different cocoa beans, with the flavors being influenced by the harvest and kind of soil. Cool, huh?


In my ideal world, everyone is conscious of the flavor differences of each kind of chocolate and people choose the flavor which suits them most. To help them discovering their favorite flavor, I put together the Global Chocolate Tasting, with which you can taste ten different flavors. This is the real taste of chocolate: fair, natural and handmade!


BonMarie chocolate isn’t just any kind of chocolate. It’s fair, without added flavors and fragrances and completely handmade. There’s no machine work in this process, so every piece of chocolate is different and, therefore, unique. Curious already?  

Visiting cocoa plantations in Africa!
Visiting cocoa plantations in Africa!