BonMarie chocolate is made from cocoa beans coming from different plantations all over the world. Read further to discover all kinds of chocolate we offer and be seduced by the global flavors!

Secret Sunset
The origins of these cocoa beans have been a well-hidden secret for decades! The story goes that it determines the mysterious flavor of Secret Sunset. This heavier, white chocolate tastes like creamy caramel accompanied by the fragrance of fresh bread. It’s a must-taste for every white chocolate lover!

Perfect Purple

This is an honest white chocolate from Peru. The unique method, which includes blond cane sugar, gives Perfect Purple its original light beige color. Let this piece of chocolate melt on your tongue and experience the delicious combination of fresh milk, cream and bourbon vanilla!

Luminous Lights

Delicious, creamy, 100% pure cocoa butter from the Ivory Coast and Ghana - one of this chocolate’s key ingredients. The soft, full taste lingers, but feel free to take another bite!

Fancy Forest

Fancy Forest is made from fair trade cocoa beans from Madagascar. Combined with 28% milk, this chocolate creates a creamy taste sensation with a light hint of caramel. Particularly delicious with a cup of chamomile tea!

Pretty Pink

This milk chocolate is made of cocoa beans from various countries in South America. Despite the cocoa percentage of 40%, this milk chocolate has a surprisingly soft flavor. The connoisseur will recognize a hint of caramel, vanilla and a whiff of malt. Put your sophisticated taste to a test!

Silver Shadow

The cocoa beans from the Ivory Coast and Ghana are responsible for this milk chocolate’s sweet flavor! The Silver Shadow succeeded in refining the familiar flavor of milk chocolate. This is one of our top flavors which invite you to keep relishing!  

Love Libel

This extraordinarily pure chocolate has its origins in Papua New Guinea. The cocoa beans are grown near the Tavurvur volcano. The interesting taste arises from the volcanic ground where the cocoa trees grow. The sour, fruity flavor is responsible for a unique explosion of taste!

Yellow Yard

The Yellow Yard is made out of cocoa beans from Ghana. This pure chocolate puts a soft flavor in your mouth together with a certain sweet spiciness. Pay attention, because it will change into a roasted, lightly bitter aftertaste which will linger for a long time. Enjoy this flavor for a long time!

Intense Indigo

The Venezuelan cocoa beans give this pure chocolade an intense flavor experience with a dry, bitter aftertaste. There’s a little cocoa butter added to this Intense Indigo, so this piece of chocolate with 70% cocoa fits into every diet. Experience pure chocolate at its best, suitable for every true chocolate lover!

Shiny Star

This flavor is the highlight of our chocolate collection. The cocoa beans have their origins in West Africa and, together with a well balanced, bitter cocoa flavor, many agree it turns into the ultimate piece of pure chocolate! Try not to eat your fingers with it!